1. 07 Mar, 2015 1 commit
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      input elements outside of label elements · 98b65763
      mmn authored
      HTML lets us put the input element inside the label and then they
      are automatically paired, but this is more explicit and clear imho.
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      The overloaded DB_DataObject function staticGet is now called getKV · 2a4dc77a
      mmn authored
      I used this hacky sed-command (run it from your GNU Social root, or change the first grep's path to where it actually lies) to do a rough fix on all ::staticGet calls and rename them to ::getKV
         sed -i -s -e '/DataObject::staticGet/I!s/::staticGet/::getKV/Ig' $(grep -R ::staticGet `pwd`/* | grep -v -e '^extlib' | grep -v DataObject:: |grep -v "function staticGet"|cut -d: -f1 |sort |uniq)
      If you're applying this, remember to change the Managed_DataObject and Memcached_DataObject function definitions of staticGet to getKV!
      This might of course take some getting used to, or modification fo StatusNet plugins, but the result is that all the static calls (to staticGet) are now properly made without breaking PHP Strict Standards. Standards are there to be followed (and they caused some very bad confusion when used with get_called_class)
      Reasonably any plugin or code that tests for the definition of 'GNUSOCIAL' or similar will take this change into consideration.
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      Bookmark and poll plugins' custom notice forms now do AJAX submit, with the... · cbf16a49
      Brion Vibber authored
      Bookmark and poll plugins' custom notice forms now do AJAX submit, with the resulting notice appearing in the timeline.
      FormNoticeXHR now is triggered on any form labeled with class 'ajax-notice', so those other than the traditional notice form should work as long as they handle the AJAX submission and return a properly formatted notice.
      Things to watch out for:
      * to determine whether the resulting notice should show on the current timeline, the JS code needs to be able to check the author and such. Keeping the existing vcard bits helps for this!
      * the notice form submission stuff clears out inputs from your form -- test to make sure this behaves correctly
      * error messages returned from the thingy _should_ come through, but this needs more testing for consistency
      * while form components that aren't in a custom form should just be ignored, this should be tested more. (eg there's no location or attachment box for poll or bookmark plugins)
      * NoticeListItem isn't currently reachable via autoloader -- touch NoticeList explicitly before calling into it for now.
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      de-IDifying labels in notice form to fix issue with geo pin activating the... · ba1ada28
      Brion Vibber authored
      de-IDifying labels in notice form to fix issue with geo pin activating the wrong place when cloning the form
      Note that changes to the attachment from <label for/><input id/> to <label><input></label> affect some of the existing styles which attempt to place them both in the same place based on having a common parent. Only 'neo' has been fully tested and fixed for this case, as the others all fail due to the new layout anyway. :)
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