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  1. 20 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • Bob Mottram's avatar
      Remove Google References · 11c57e7a
      Bob Mottram authored
      This removes most references to Google, with some
      remaining since they may point to things which are still
      relevant. References to Google Code, Google Buzz and
      Google Maps have been removed
  2. 16 Jul, 2015 1 commit
    • mattl's avatar
      PasswordsettingsAction aligned with FormAction · cfaaf3c1
      mattl authored
      Also made some changes in the password "munging" function call
      common_munge_password to accept a profile instead of user ID (which
      was only there because stoneage StatusNet used the ID to generate a
      not-very-random salt, but nowadays we primarily use AuthCrypt plugin).
  3. 02 Mar, 2015 1 commit
  4. 27 Feb, 2015 1 commit
  5. 24 Feb, 2015 1 commit
    • buttle's avatar
      added DocNav EVENT · b9d4a9c9
      buttle authored
      Event to overide DocNav
      two small css changes to indent notice footer correctly.
  6. 14 Feb, 2015 3 commits
  7. 13 Feb, 2015 2 commits
  8. 12 Jan, 2015 1 commit
  9. 26 Oct, 2014 1 commit
  10. 13 Jul, 2014 2 commits
  11. 06 Jul, 2014 1 commit
  12. 28 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  13. 27 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • mattl's avatar
      pluginified most of hasFave, getFaves and related calls · fcdd061b
      mattl authored
      The code is now more event-driven when it comes to rendering notices
      and their related HTML elements, since we can't have direct calls from
      core to a plugin.
      lib/activitymover.php has a function to move a Favorite activity which
      will not happen now. The move must be pluginified and performed as an
      event which plugins can catch on to.
  14. 24 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  15. 05 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  16. 12 May, 2014 2 commits
  17. 06 May, 2014 1 commit
  18. 21 Apr, 2014 2 commits
    • mattl's avatar
      Dynamically generate thumbnails (see full text) · d59eb5e1
      mattl authored
      The File object now stores width and height of files that can
      supply this kind of information. Formats which we can not read
      natively in PHP do not currently benefit from this. However an
      event hook will be introduced later.
      The CreateFileImageThumbnail event is renamed to:
      CreateFileImageThumbnailSource to clarify that the hooks should not
      generate their own thumbnails but only the source image. Also it now
      accepts File objects, not MediaFile objects.
      The thumbnail generation is documented in the source code. For
      developers, call 'getThumbnail' on a File object and hope for the best.
      Default thumbnail sizes have increased to be more appealing.
    • mattl's avatar
      Better event name (creating thumbnail _source_) · 86ddf120
      mattl authored
  19. 16 Apr, 2014 1 commit
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      MediaFile thumbnail event hooks + VideoThumbnails plugin · 06d4cecf
      mattl authored
      The exception thrown from MediaFile will be caught and simply result in
      no thumbnail at all right now. In the future we might use a catch-all
      and have a "cannot generate preview"-icon or something.
      VideoThumbnails requires php5-ffmpeg and php5-gd.
  20. 24 Feb, 2014 1 commit
    • mattl's avatar
      Making us less dependant on javascript trust · 1e37f374
      mattl authored
      Many of the microapps are pretty javascript dependant, but at least
      we should allow users to get to the new notice field without allowing
      javascript to run in the browser. :)
  21. 19 Nov, 2013 1 commit
    • mattl's avatar
      Cron plugin added and now default queue handler · 0cd93c27
      mattl authored
      Generally the Cron plugin will run if there's still execution time for
      1 second since starting the Action processing. If you want to change
      this (such as disabling, 0 seconds, or maybe running bigger chunks,
      for like 4 seconds) you can do this, where 'n' is time in seconds.
         addPlugin('Cron', array('secs_per_action', n));
      Add 'rel_to_pageload'=>false to the array if you want to run the queue
      for a certain amount of seconds _despite_ maybe already having run that
      long in the previous parts of Action processing.
      Perhaps you want to run the cron script remotely, using a machine capable
      of background processing (or locally, to avoid running daemon processes),
      simply do an HTTP GET request to the route /main/cron of your GNU social.
      Setting secs_per_action to 0 in the plugin config will imply that you run
      all your queue handling by calling /main/cron (which runs as long as it can).
      /main/cron will output "0" if it has finished processing, "1" if it should
      be called again to complete processing (because it ran out of time due to
      PHP's max_execution_time INI setting).
      The Cron plugin also runs events as close to hourly, daily and weekly
      as you get, based on the opportunistic method of running whenever a user
      visits the site. This means of course that the cron events should be as
      fast as possible, not only to avoid delaying page load for users but
      also to minimize the risk of running into PHP's max_execution_time. One
      suggestion is to only use the events to add new queue items for later processing.
      These events are called CronHourly, CronDaily, CronWeekly - however there
      is no guarantee that all events will execute, so some kind of failsafe,
      transaction-ish method must be implemented in the future.
  22. 01 Nov, 2013 1 commit
  23. 28 Oct, 2013 1 commit
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  25. 30 Sep, 2013 1 commit
    • mattl's avatar
      Implemented WebFinger and replaced our XRD with PEAR XML_XRD · a0e107f1
      mattl authored
      New plugins:
      * LRDD
          LRDD implements client-side RFC6415 and RFC7033 resource descriptor
          discovery procedures. I.e. LRDD, host-meta and WebFinger stuff.
          OStatus and OpenID now depend on the LRDD plugin (XML_XRD).
      * WebFinger
          This plugin implements the server-side of RFC6415 and RFC7033. Note:
          WebFinger technically doesn't handle XRD, but we serve both that and
          JRD (JSON Resource Descriptor), depending on Accept header and one
          ugly hack to check for old StatusNet installations.
          WebFinger depends on LRDD.
      We might make this even prettier by using Net_WebFinger, but it is not
      currently RFC7033 compliant (no /.well-known/webfinger resource GETs).
      Disabling the WebFinger plugin would effectively render your site non-
      federated (which might be desired on a private site).
      Disabling the LRDD plugin would make your site unable to do modern web
      URI lookups (making life just a little bit harder).
  26. 23 Sep, 2013 1 commit
  27. 14 Sep, 2013 1 commit
  28. 09 Sep, 2013 1 commit
    • mattl's avatar
      Tidying up getUser calls to profiles and some events · 747fe9d5
      mattl authored
      getUser calls are much more strict, and one place where this was found was
      in the (un)subscribe start/end event handlers, which resulted in making the
      Subscription class a bit stricter, regarding ::start and ::cancel at least.
      Several minor fixes in many files were made due to this.
      This does NOT touch the Foreign_link function, which should also have a more
      strict getUser call. That is a future project.
  29. 09 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Evan Prodromou's avatar
      Squashed commit of the following: · 206c0906
      Evan Prodromou authored
      commit 7ef19ab918cc9805abb8d01e8220ae4ed63155d7
      Author: Evan Prodromou <evan@status.net>
      Date:   Mon Jul 9 12:53:29 2012 -0400
          Show link to facebook account on profile block
          If you've logged in with Facebook, show a link to that account on the profile block.
      commit b56967479c009d702150791944dbd80746ee3ba1
      Author: Evan Prodromou <evan@status.net>
      Date:   Mon Jul 9 12:28:34 2012 -0400
          Add profile link from profile block to Twitter account
          Add a profile link to Twitter for accounts that are linked via Twitter login.
      commit 181e441fd03c6034e737f6a3dae115557aa3e1aa
      Author: Evan Prodromou <evan@status.net>
      Date:   Mon Jul 9 11:57:56 2012 -0400
          OpenID shows other account links
      commit ef7357883dad9e34af2746e1c6a41ea826d7c992
      Author: Evan Prodromou <evan@status.net>
      Date:   Mon Jul 9 11:53:12 2012 -0400
          Add a profile link for OpenIDs
          OpenID plugin now adds a profile link for each OpenID on the account.
      commit 093d26b95bc453686d24c42f5a8f4739cb338fd2
      Author: Evan Prodromou <evan@status.net>
      Date:   Mon Jul 9 11:15:18 2012 -0400
          Better array access
      commit 49d47257efdcae2101b589a1f825872bdd70667c
      Author: Evan Prodromou <evan@status.net>
      Date:   Mon Jul 9 10:57:16 2012 -0400
          Show list of other accounts in profile block
          We add a group of "rel-me" links to other user accounts on the Web.
          This is mostly useful for when you've used OpenID, Twitter, or
          Facebook login to associate a remote account.
          There's an extension to the profileblock recipe to show the links as
          little icons; there's a new hook in accountprofileblock to get such
          links from plugins.
          There's a modification to the base theme to show the icons correctly
          (I think).
  30. 21 Mar, 2012 2 commits
  31. 20 Mar, 2012 2 commits
  32. 08 Mar, 2012 1 commit