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  1. 24 Jan, 2011 2 commits
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      Fix for ticket #3007: .bmp avatar uploads weren't being properly converted to PNG in all cases · 820dd293
      Brion Vibber authored
      Part of the reported issue was previuosly fixed by dc497ed0 (smaller size images being blanked).
      This commit fixes the remaining bug with original-size avatars being left as BMP (which could include the 96px size for instance, which could cause problems in browsers not supporting BMP natively)
      Added ImageFile::copyTo() as a convenient alias for resizeTo() when not resizing; this performs the BMP/XPM/XBM->PNG conversion if needed, or copies the original file.
      Copying instead of using move_uploaded_file() is fine here since:
      a) the files are cleaned up on script completion anyway (vs moving to remove it)
      b) we're already performing getimagesize() and possibly load/resize on the file before this point (vs needing to move the file into a usable area to work with open_basedir restrictions that prevent working directly with uploaded files in the temp dir; since this would fail anyway, we lose nothing)
      ImageFile::preferredType() now works on $this->type instead of asking for one, to make it handier to use from outside. (This is still needed in order for calling code to generate a target filename.)
      Recommended for future:
      * additional consolidation between the various ways of uploading avatars (touched avatarsettings, grouplogo, and apiaccountupdateprofileimage with similar minor changes)
      * consolidate type checks and file naming into Avatar class
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