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      Encapsulate the oEmbed -> oohembed fallback into oEmbedHelper class. Also... · 4f323efd
      Brion Vibber authored
      Encapsulate the oEmbed -> oohembed fallback into oEmbedHelper class. Also added a chance to whitelist sites that don't show discovery info but do have oEmbed API endpoints, and to provide alternate APIs for some common services.
      Newly supported:
      - TwitPic: added a local function using TwitPic's API, since the oohembed implementation for TwitPic produced invalid output which Services_oEmbed rejects. (bug filed upstream)
      - Flickr: works, now using whitelist to use their endpoint directly instead of going through oohembed
      - Youtube: worked around a bug in Services_oEmbed which broke the direct use of API discovery info, so we don't have to use oohembed.
      Not currently working...
      - YFrog: whitelisting their endpoint directly as the oohembed output is broken, but this doesn't appear to work currently as I think things are confused by YFrog's servers giving a '204 No Content' response on our HEAD checks on the original link.