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  1. 14 Sep, 2013 2 commits
  2. 12 Sep, 2013 3 commits
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      jquery form updated and moved to js/extlib · 56ebe914
      mattl authored
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      jquery-ui updated and moved to js/extlib · 2da92886
      mattl authored
      It seems we don't need all the development files. Though it feels a bit
      evil not to keep them. Then again we didn't have the whole dev-tree there.
      Really we should maybe use git submodules for this?
      I also made sure that if we don't have minify enabled, a non-minified
      version of jquery-ui is loaded, as minification is the most evil of all.
      Bad as hell to debug, and anyone visiting the site should be allowed to
      view all scripts that are run in an overseeable manner.
  3. 10 Sep, 2013 13 commits
  4. 09 Sep, 2013 4 commits
  5. 02 Sep, 2013 4 commits
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      NewapplicationAction converted to FormAction · b2a0aa20
      mattl authored
      Cutting down on a bunch of redundant code. We're reusing a lot of stuff
      from FormAction and Action now instead of having copies of code all over.
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      needLogin renamed checkLogin and made a property · f0e967fe
      mattl authored
      Action extended classes now can set 'needLogin' as a protected property,
      which is defaulted to 'false'. However, FormAction defaults this to 'true'
      because most of the form actions will require a current login to be valid.
      NewgroupAction, NewmessageAction, NewnoticeAction are all affected by this
      commit and in the future we will migrate each potential formaction to the
      proper class parent tree. :)
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      newmessage (and Message class) fixed for FormAction · e5e3aeb4
      mattl authored
      Also added a needLogin function to the Action class, which will do
      redirect to login page with proper returnto setting.
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      IMPORTANT: parent::handlePost() in NewnoticeAction · 89b10666
      mattl authored
      otherwise we don't do csrf checking etc...
  6. 01 Sep, 2013 3 commits
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      NewnoticeAction converted to extend FormAction · 0612e5ec
      mattl authored
      There are still several improvements which can be made, such as not
      having an entirely separate setup of ajax form functions. Instead
      those should be implemented in FormAction. But at least now we got
      rid of the redundant code use in prepare/handle.
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      Conforming to code layout · c735a836
      mattl authored
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      Proper definition of $args array in NewgroupAction->prepare · 83000f6f
      mattl authored
      Also, there is no need to do 'return' after throwing a ClientError
      Exception. And we'll use the Action->clientError for logging benefits
      until the error handling is properly done all the way to backend.
  7. 31 Aug, 2013 1 commit
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      NewgroupAction converted to extend FormAction · cfa699e4
      mattl authored
      Had to change Action function 'prepare' to 'protected', as you can't
      (of course) protect something that's been public in a parent class. The
      other way around seems fine for PHP... Eventually all actions will have
      protected 'prepare' (use execute/run)
      A feature of the previously fixed initialization of Action classes, is
      that we now have $this->scoped which is the current profile in use. As
      of now that is always a local User, except the corresponding Profile
      Also, instead of calling 'showForm' everywhere, in case of an error we
      just throw an exception of some sort and pass the message along there.
      I've also introduced in FormAction the 'showInstructions' function in
      order to get a unified instructions/info/error display method.
      TODO: Improve info/error message handling, and what/when/where to show.
  8. 30 Aug, 2013 1 commit
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      Added a FormAction extension · 8d57fb7d
      mattl authored
      FormAction will act as a parent class to Action classes that use forms
      of various sorts, such as newgroup creation, settings actions etc.
  9. 29 Aug, 2013 9 commits