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  1. 19 Sep, 2011 2 commits
  2. 18 Sep, 2011 37 commits
  3. 17 Sep, 2011 1 commit
    • Zach Copley's avatar
      Merge branch 'twitter-bridge-fixes' into testing · fc827af9
      Zach Copley authored
      * twitter-bridge-fixes:
        Make sure the session token gets output no matter what (whoops)
        Move submit (connect) button to the very bottom
        Move license checkbox to the end of the form
        Don't allow Twitter registration if site is invite only
        Fix reference to constant
        problem with remote subscription on groups in OStatus
        show correct favorites link
        Don't try to verify URL if the user has left it out when making a new event
        Fix undefined variable
        Change time format to work with older PHP (before 5.3)
        move OMB-specific remote login button to OMB Plugin
        use correct redirect on logout of single-user site