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  1. 03 Apr, 2011 4 commits
  2. 02 Apr, 2011 1 commit
    • Siebrand Mazeland's avatar
      Fix several L10n and i18n issues. · fec3edee
      Siebrand Mazeland authored
      Add dummy method MessageListItem::messageListItemDummyMessages() to allow xgettext to add possible sources to POT files.
      Mark a few i18n issues as FIXME as well as some messages for which the use case was not clear to me.
      Merged some code on multiple lines into one.
      Translator documentation added.
      Remove superfluous whiteapace.
  3. 01 Apr, 2011 15 commits
  4. 31 Mar, 2011 7 commits
  5. 30 Mar, 2011 12 commits
  6. 29 Mar, 2011 1 commit
    • Brion Vibber's avatar
      Consolidate common code in micro-apps custom notice type display actions. · 20ca5027
      Brion Vibber authored
      The ShowNoticeAction subclasses were cut-n-pasting a lot of prepare() code from ShowNoticeAction, though the only part that's different is how we look up the notice. Broke that out to a getNotice() method, so only that needs to be copied. Avoids extra copies of permission checks and other common code in this spot.