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Commit fd276ff9 authored by Zach Copley's avatar Zach Copley

Add Start/EndSetApiUser events when setting API user via OAuth

parent 05156b70
......@@ -148,7 +148,10 @@ class ApiAuthAction extends ApiAction
$this->access = ($appUser->access_type & Oauth_application::$writeAccess)
? self::READ_WRITE : self::READ_ONLY;
$this->auth_user = User::staticGet('id', $appUser->profile_id);
if (Event::handle('StartSetApiUser', array(&$user))) {
$this->auth_user = User::staticGet('id', $appUser->profile_id);
Event::handle('EndSetApiUser', array($user));
$msg = "API OAuth authentication for user '%s' (id: %d) on behalf of " .
"application '%s' (id: %d).";
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