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Commit fb492d4b authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Remove debug call and change how connect_timeout is set

parent f0480c34
......@@ -122,11 +122,12 @@ class HTTPClient extends HTTP_Request2
// responses... But the default in HTTP_Request2 is 0 for
// some reason and should probably be considered a valid value.
$this->config['timeout'] = common_config('http', 'timeout');
common_debug('Using HTTPClient timeout value of '._ve($this->config['timeout']));
} else {
common_log(LOG_ERR, 'config option http/timeout is not an integer value: '._ve(common_config('http', 'timeout')));
$this->config['connect_timeout'] = common_config('http', 'connect_timeout') ?: $this->config['connect_timeout'];
if (!empty(common_config('http', 'connect_timeout'))) {
$this->config['connect_timeout'] = common_config('http', 'connect_timeout');
$this->config['max_redirs'] = 10;
$this->config['follow_redirects'] = true;
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