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Commit f9c51c24 authored by aroquen's avatar aroquen

No corporate-only strings in code base anymore

parent 8a002e98
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ class InviteButtonSection extends Section
$this->out = $out;
if (empty($buttonText)) {
// TRANS: Default button text for inviting more users to the StatusNet instance.
$this->buttonText = _m('BUTTON', 'Invite more colleagues');
$this->buttonText = _m('BUTTON', 'Invite more people');
} else {
$this->buttonText = $buttonText;
......@@ -87,10 +87,9 @@ class ToSelector extends Widget
$choices['public:everyone'] = _m('SENDTO','Everyone');
$default = 'public:everyone';
// XXX: better name...?
// TRANS: Option in drop-down of potential addressees.
// TRANS: %s is a StatusNet sitename.
$choices['public:site'] = sprintf(_('My colleagues at %s'), common_config('site', 'name'));
$choices['public:site'] = sprintf(_('Everyone at %s'), common_config('site', 'name'));
$groups = $this->user->getGroups();
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