Commit f7479e3f authored by mmn's avatar mmn

Prepare for WebFinger magicsig data for remote profiles

parent 78805d11
......@@ -1341,16 +1341,18 @@ class OStatusPlugin extends Plugin
$xrd->links[] = new XML_XRD_Element_Link(Salmon::NS_REPLIES, $salmon_url);
$xrd->links[] = new XML_XRD_Element_Link(Salmon::NS_MENTIONS, $salmon_url);
// Get this user's keypair
$magickey = Magicsig::getKV('user_id', $target->id);
if (!($magickey instanceof Magicsig)) {
// No keypair yet, let's generate one.
$magickey = new Magicsig();
// Get this profile's keypair
$magicsig = Magicsig::getKV('user_id', $target->id);
if (!$magicsig instanceof Magicsig && $target->isLocal()) {
// No keypair yet, let's generate one. Only for local users.
$magicsig = new Magicsig();
$xrd->links[] = new XML_XRD_Element_Link(Magicsig::PUBLICKEYREL,
'data:application/magic-public-key,'. $magickey->toString(false));
if ($magicsig instanceof Magicsig) {
$xrd->links[] = new XML_XRD_Element_Link(Magicsig::PUBLICKEYREL,
'data:application/magic-public-key,'. $magicsig->toString(false));
// TODO - finalize where the redirect should go on the publisher
$xrd->links[] = new XML_XRD_Element_Link('',
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