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Commit f63b53c4 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

info on upgrading a public site

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......@@ -95,4 +95,23 @@ have a line in your config.php pointing to the old name, you'll need
to update it.
Note that the XMPP bots have changed since version 0.5; see above for
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With StatusNet 1.0, our default install profile is for private sites.
If you did not specify the privacy level of your site previously, it
was public. Now, it's private.
If you upgrade a public site, you will need to reset the privacy
level. You can do this in your config.php:
$config['site']['private'] = false;
...or with setconfig.php in the db:
php setconfig.php site private false
...or with the site admin panel.
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