Commit f4e8cc6d authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

Add InitializePlugin and CleanupPlugin events

We add two events to allow plugins to initialize and cleanup.
parent 5d246299
InitializePlugin: a chance to initialize a plugin in a complete
CleanupPlugin: a chance to cleanup a plugin at the end of a program
StartPrimaryNav: Showing the primary nav menu
- $action: the current action
......@@ -85,3 +85,8 @@ if (!file_exists($actionfile)) {
// XXX: cleanup exit() calls or add an exit handler so
// this always gets called
......@@ -212,3 +212,7 @@ function __autoload($class)
require_once(INSTALLDIR.'/lib/' . strtolower($class) . '.php');
// Give plugins a chance to initialize in a fully-prepared environment
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