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Commit f294ed00 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

remember to send confirmation email for registration

parent c2270459
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ class DomainStatusNetworkPlugin extends Plugin
return !empty($user);
static function registerEmail($email, $sendWelcome, $template)
static function registerEmail($email)
$domain = self::toDomain($email);
......@@ -81,7 +81,8 @@ class GlobalregisterAction extends GlobalApiAction
function handle($argarray=null)
try {
DomainStatusNetworkPlugin::registerEmail($this->email, true);
$confirm = DomainStatusNetworkPlugin::registerEmail($this->email);
} catch (ClientException $e) {
$this->showError($e->getMessage(), $e->getCode());
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