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Commit f24cdf4a authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Much more logging in PushHubAction (OStatus)

parent 1a46d86c
......@@ -83,20 +83,24 @@ class PushHubAction extends Action
$callback = $this->argUrl('hub.callback');
common_debug('New PuSH hub request ('._ve($mode).') for callback '._ve($callback));
$topic = $this->argUrl('hub.topic');
if (!$this->recognizedFeed($topic)) {
common_debug('PuSH hub request had unrecognized feed topic=='._ve($topic));
// TRANS: Client exception. %s is a topic.
throw new ClientException(sprintf(_m('Unsupported hub.topic %s this hub only serves local user and group Atom feeds.'),$topic));
$lease = $this->arg('hub.lease_seconds', null);
if ($mode == 'subscribe' && $lease != '' && !preg_match('/^\d+$/', $lease)) {
common_debug('PuSH hub request had invalid lease_seconds=='._ve($lease));
// TRANS: Client exception. %s is the invalid lease value.
throw new ClientException(sprintf(_m('Invalid hub.lease "%s". It must be empty or positive integer.'),$lease));
$secret = $this->arg('hub.secret', null);
if ($secret != '' && strlen($secret) >= 200) {
common_debug('PuSH hub request had invalid secret=='._ve($secret));
// TRANS: Client exception. %s is the invalid hub secret.
throw new ClientException(sprintf(_m('Invalid hub.secret "%s". It must be under 200 bytes.'),$secret));
......@@ -104,6 +108,7 @@ class PushHubAction extends Action
$sub = HubSub::getByHashkey($topic, $callback);
if (!$sub instanceof HubSub) {
// Creating a new one!
common_debug('PuSH creating new HubSub entry for topic=='._ve($topic).' to remote callback '._ve($callback));
$sub = new HubSub();
$sub->topic = $topic;
$sub->callback = $callback;
......@@ -113,9 +118,11 @@ class PushHubAction extends Action
$sub->secret = $secret;
if ($lease) {
common_debug('PuSH hub setting dataobject lease to:'._ve(intval($lease)));
common_debug('PuSH hub request is now:'._ve($sub));
$verify = $this->arg('hub.verify'); // TODO: deprecated
$token = $this->arg('hub.verify_token', null); // TODO: deprecated
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