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Commit f1d9d8a6 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

ImSettings adapted to FormAction inheritance

TODO: Get separate Form classes and move User_im_prefs to Profile_prefs
parent 647171e0
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......@@ -243,11 +243,11 @@ abstract class ImPlugin extends Plugin
* @param string $screenname screenname sending to
* @param string $code the confirmation code
* @param User $user user sending to
* @param Profile $target For whom the code is valid for
* @return boolean success value
function sendConfirmationCode($screenname, $code, $user)
function sendConfirmationCode($screenname, $code, Profile $target)
// TRANS: Body text for confirmation code e-mail.
// TRANS: %1$s is a user nickname, %2$s is the StatusNet sitename,
......@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ abstract class ImPlugin extends Plugin
' . (If you cannot click it, copy-and-paste it into the ' .
'address bar of your browser). If that user is not you, ' .
'or if you did not request this confirmation, just ignore this message.'),
$user->nickname, common_config('site', 'name'), $this->getDisplayName(), common_local_url('confirmaddress', null, array('code' => $code)));
$target->getNickname(), common_config('site', 'name'), $this->getDisplayName(), common_local_url('confirmaddress', null, array('code' => $code)));
return $this->sendMessage($screenname, $body);
......@@ -594,11 +594,11 @@ abstract class ImPlugin extends Plugin
'daemonScreenname' => $this->daemonScreenname());
function onSendImConfirmationCode($transport, $screenname, $code, $user)
function onSendImConfirmationCode($transport, $screenname, $code, Profile $target)
if($transport == $this->transport)
$this->sendConfirmationCode($screenname, $code, $user);
$this->sendConfirmationCode($screenname, $code, $target);
return false;
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