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Commit f1c4c64c authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Don't update stored URLs just because we have a filename

This would overwrite remote URLs with local verisons which removes source href...
The reason one might have filenames for remote URLs is that StoreRemoteMedia plugin
fetches them and uses the filename field.
parent 346e34e5
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ class File extends Managed_DataObject
'title' => array('type' => 'text', 'description' => 'title of resource when available'),
'date' => array('type' => 'int', 'description' => 'date of resource according to http query'),
'protected' => array('type' => 'int', 'description' => 'true when URL is private (needs login)'),
'filename' => array('type' => 'text', 'description' => 'if a local file, name of the file'),
'filename' => array('type' => 'text', 'description' => 'if file is stored locally (too) this is the filename'),
'width' => array('type' => 'int', 'description' => 'width in pixels, if it can be described as such and data is available'),
'height' => array('type' => 'int', 'description' => 'height in pixels, if it can be described as such and data is available'),
......@@ -416,21 +416,11 @@ class File extends Managed_DataObject
return $filepath;
public function getUrl()
public function getUrl($prefer_local=true)
if (!empty($this->filename)) {
if ($prefer_local && !empty($this->filename)) {
// A locally stored file, so let's generate a URL for our instance.
$url = self::url($this->filename);
if (self::hashurl($url) !== $this->urlhash) {
// For indexing purposes, in case we do a lookup on the 'url' field.
// also we're fixing possible changes from http to https, or paths
try {
} catch (ServerException $e) {
return $url;
return self::url($this->filename);
// No local filename available, return the URL we have stored
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ class AttachmentListItem extends Widget
function linkAttr() {
return array('class' => 'attachment',
'href' => $this->attachment->getUrl(),
'href' => $this->attachment->getUrl(false),
'id' => 'attachment-' . $this->attachment->id,
'title' => $this->linkTitle());
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