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Commit ef2d22a8 authored by Sarven Capadisli's avatar Sarven Capadisli

Rearranged the global navigation items for better usability. Reason a)

placement of Search at the edge of the viewport for quicker access and
b) placement of the links that are always available (whether user is logged in
or not) in the same location (i.e., Login/Logout, Help, Search)
parent 7f5e2c5e
......@@ -402,13 +402,8 @@ class Action extends HTMLOutputter // lawsuit
if ($user) {
$this->menuItem(common_local_url('all', array('nickname' => $user->nickname)),
_('Home'), _('Personal profile and friends timeline'), false, 'nav_home');
_('Search'), _('Search for people or text'), false, 'nav_search');
if ($user) {
_('Account'), _('Change your email, avatar, password, profile'), false, 'nav_account');
if (common_config('xmpp', 'enabled')) {
_('Connect'), _('Connect to IM, SMS, Twitter'), false, 'nav_connect');
......@@ -423,18 +418,21 @@ class Action extends HTMLOutputter // lawsuit
false, 'nav_invitecontact');
_('Logout'), _('Logout from the site'), false, 'nav_logout');
} else {
_('Login'), _('Login to the site'), false, 'nav_login');
else {
if (!common_config('site', 'closed')) {
_('Register'), _('Create an account'), false, 'nav_register');
_('OpenID'), _('Login with OpenID'), false, 'nav_openid');
_('Login'), _('Login to the site'), false, 'nav_login');
$this->menuItem(common_local_url('doc', array('title' => 'help')),
_('Help'), _('Help me!'), false, 'nav_help');
_('Search'), _('Search for people or text'), false, 'nav_search');
Event::handle('EndPrimaryNav', array($this));
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