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Commit ef1f17fc authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Don't use <object> for application/ogg

...this was actually because it would autoplay in Iceweasel/Firefox
despite all parameters for autoplay/autostart being set to false or 0.
parent 5081477e
......@@ -108,6 +108,12 @@ class AttachmentListItem extends Widget
if (Event::handle('StartShowAttachmentRepresentation', array($this->out, $this->attachment))) {
if (!empty($this->attachment->mimetype)) {
$mediatype = common_get_mime_media($this->attachment->mimetype);
// FIXME: Get proper mime recognition of Ogg files! If system has 'mediainfo', this should do it:
// $ mediainfo --inform='General;%InternetMediaType%'
if ($this->attachment->mimetype === 'application/ogg') {
$mediatype = 'video'; // because this element can handle Ogg/Vorbis etc. on its own
switch ($mediatype) {
// Anything we understand as an image, if we need special treatment, do it in StartShowAttachmentRepresentation
case 'image':
......@@ -144,18 +150,6 @@ class AttachmentListItem extends Widget
switch ($this->attachment->mimetype) {
// Ogg media that we're not really sure what it is...
case 'application/ogg':
$arr = array('type' => $this->attachment->mimetype,
'data' => $this->attachment->getUrl(),
'width' => 320,
'height' => 240
$this->out->elementStart('object', $arr);
$this->out->element('param', array('name' => 'src', 'value' => $this->attachment->getUrl()));
$this->out->element('param', array('name' => 'autoStart', 'value' => 1));
case 'text/html':
if (!empty($this->attachment->filename)
&& (GNUsocial::isAjax() || common_config('attachments', 'show_html'))) {
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