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Commit ef0a703b authored by mattl's avatar mattl

No need to pre-generate thumbnails anymore

Qvitter fixed their queet-expand-view! By not making thumbnails on upload
we'll save a bit of time and resources, saving the post much quicker.
parent d1a1eefa
......@@ -74,17 +74,8 @@ class ApiMediaUploadAction extends ApiAuthAction
// we could catch "NoUploadedMediaException" as "no media uploaded", but here we _always_ want an upload
$upload = MediaFile::fromUpload('media', $this->scoped);
// Hack to make a thumbnail before giving back a response
// (the file should instead actually be attached to a notice in the file_to_post table)
try {
if ($upload->fileRecord instanceof File) {
} catch (Exception $e) {
common_debug(sprintf('A hack is buggy: MediaFile fileRecord could not getThumbnail for file id==%u',
// Thumbnails will be generated/cached on demand when accessed (such as with /attachment/:id/thumbnail)
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