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Commit ee29b23b authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Fix URL mention regular expression FOR REALZ

parent 48276556
......@@ -300,7 +300,9 @@ class OStatusPlugin extends Plugin
static function extractUrlMentions($text)
$wmatches = array();
$result = preg_match_all('/(?:^|\s+)@('.URL_REGEX_DOMAIN_NAME.'(?:\/\w+)*)/',
// In the regexp below we need to match / _before_ URL_REGEX_VALID_PATH_CHARS because it otherwise gets merged
// with the TLD before (but / is in URL_REGEX_VALID_PATH_CHARS anyway, it's just its positioning that is important)
$result = preg_match_all('/(?:^|\s+)@('.URL_REGEX_DOMAIN_NAME.'(?:\/['.URL_REGEX_VALID_PATH_CHARS.']*)*)/',
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