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Commit ea8cb21e authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Allow exception to be thrown if saveActivityObject fails

parent c96f0aa3
......@@ -183,14 +183,7 @@ class FavoritePlugin extends ActivityHandlerPlugin
// We must have an objects[0] here because in isMyActivity we require the count to be == 1
$actobj = $act->objects[0];
try {
$object = Fave::saveActivityObject($actobj, $stored);
} catch (ServerException $e) {
// Probably that the favored notice doesn't exist in our local database
// but may also be some missing profile or so, which we could catch in a
// more explicit catch-statement.
return null;
$object = Fave::saveActivityObject($actobj, $stored);
return $object;
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