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Commit e868ac41 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

userrss action didn't call parent preparation method

parent c5a5eaf2
......@@ -27,18 +27,20 @@ class UserrssAction extends TargetedRss10Action
protected function doStreamPreparation()
$this->tag = $this->trimmed('tag');
protected function getNotices()
if (!empty($this->tag)) {
$stream = $this->target->getTaggedNotices($this->tag, 0, $this->limit);
$stream = $this->getTarget()->getTaggedNotices($this->tag, 0, $this->limit);
return $stream->fetchAll();
// otherwise we fetch a normal user stream
$stream = $this->target->getNotices(0, $this->limit);
$stream = $this->getTarget()->getNotices(0, $this->limit);
return $stream->fetchAll();
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