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Commit e847b9a1 authored by sarven's avatar sarven

Merge branch 'uiredesign' of ../evan into uiredesign

parents 621c58a2 c52d49f2
......@@ -194,11 +194,11 @@ class Action extends HTMLOutputter // lawsuit
function showBody()
$this->elementStart('div', 'wrap');
$this->elementEnd('div', 'wrap');
......@@ -576,7 +576,7 @@ class Action extends HTMLOutputter // lawsuit
// Added @id to li for some control.
// XXX: We might want to move this to htmloutputter.php
function menuItem($url, $text, $id=null, $title=null, $is_selected=false)
function menuItem($url, $text, $title=null, $is_selected=false, $id=null)
$lattrs = array();
if ($is_selected) {
......@@ -342,7 +342,7 @@ class NoticeListItem extends Widget
$this->out->elementStart('dl', 'timestamp');
$this->out->element('dt', _('Published'));
$this->out->elementStart('dd', null);
$this->out->element('a', array('rel' => 'bookmark',
$this->out->elementStart('a', array('rel' => 'bookmark',
'href' => $noticeurl));
$dt = common_date_iso8601($this->notice->created);
$this->out->element('abbr', array('class' => 'published',
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