Commit e4a17fed authored by mmn's avatar mmn

Translation contained bad HTML

parent ee96a087
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: ActivityPlugin.php:75
#, php-format
msgid "<a href=\"%1$s\">%2$s</a> started following <a href=\"%3$s\">%4$s</a>."
msgstr "<a href=\"%1$s\">%2$s</a> började följa <a href=\"%3$s\">%4$s</a."
msgstr "<a href=\"%1$s\">%2$s</a> började följa <a href=\"%3$s\">%4$s</a>."
#. TRANS: Text for "started following" item in activity plugin.
#. TRANS: %1$s is a profile name, %2$s is a profile URL,
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