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Commit e3bb5e1d authored by Hannes Mannerheim's avatar Hannes Mannerheim

do favorites from default like in API

not quite sure about this, but the deleted code in this commit created
activity notices that we couldn't turn off in config.
parent 5ca625e4
......@@ -74,28 +74,13 @@ class FavorAction extends FormAction
throw new AlreadyFulfilledException(_('You have already favorited this!'));
$now = common_sql_now();
$fave = Fave::addNew($this->scoped, $this->target);
$act = new Activity();
$act->id = Fave::newUri($this->scoped, $this->target, $now);
$act->type = Fave::getObjectType();
$act->actor = $this->scoped->asActivityObject();
$act->target = $this->target->asActivityObject();
$act->objects = array(clone($act->target));
$act->verb = ActivityVerb::FAVORITE;
$act->title = ActivityUtils::verbToTitle($act->verb);
$act->time = strtotime($now);
// TRANS: Notification given when a user marks a notice as favorite.
// TRANS: %1$s is a user name or full name, %2$s is a notice URI, %3$s the link to the user's profile.
$act->content = sprintf(_('<a href="%3$s">%1$s</a> marked notice <a href="%2$s">%2$s</a> as a favorite.'),
$stored = Notice::saveActivity($act, $this->scoped,
if (empty($fave)) {
$this->serverError(_('Could not create favorite.'));
$this->notify($fave, $this->target, $this->scoped);
return _('Favorited the notice');
......@@ -108,4 +93,25 @@ class FavorAction extends FormAction
* Notify the author of the favorite that the user likes their notice
* @param Favorite $fave the favorite in question
* @param Notice $notice the notice that's been faved
* @param User $user the user doing the favoriting
* @return void
function notify($fave, $notice, $user)
$other = User::getKV('id', $notice->profile_id);
if ($other && $other->id != $user->id && !empty($other->email)) {
require_once INSTALLDIR.'/lib/mail.php';
mail_notify_fave($other, $user->getProfile(), $notice);
// XXX: notify by IM
// XXX: notify by SMS
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