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Commit e1ffbfed authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

doc comments on File::processNew

parent 4f323efd
......@@ -116,10 +116,24 @@ class File extends Memcached_DataObject
* Go look at a URL and possibly save data about it if it's new:
* - follow redirect chains and store them in file_redirection
* - look up oEmbed data and save it in file_oembed
* - if a thumbnail is available, save it in file_thumbnail
* - save file record with basic info
* - optionally save a file_to_post record
* - return the File object with the full reference
* @fixme refactor this mess, it's gotten pretty scary.
* @param bool $followRedirects
* @param string $given_url the URL we're looking at
* @param int $notice_id (optional)
* @param bool $followRedirects defaults to true
* @return mixed File on success, -1 on some errors
* @throws ServerException on some errors
function processNew($given_url, $notice_id=null, $followRedirects=true) {
public function processNew($given_url, $notice_id=null, $followRedirects=true) {
if (empty($given_url)) return -1; // error, no url to process
$given_url = File_redirection::_canonUrl($given_url);
if (empty($given_url)) return -1; // error, no url to process
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