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Commit e121d472 authored by Brenda Wallace's avatar Brenda Wallace

Revert "added notice.location to group by"

This reverts commit 48dc899a.
parent 5afd07e5
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ class PopularNoticeSection extends NoticeSection
$qry .= ' GROUP BY notice.id,notice.profile_id,notice.content,notice.uri,' .
'notice.rendered,notice.url,notice.created,notice.modified,' .
'notice.reply_to,notice.is_local,notice.source,notice.conversation, ' .
'notice.lat,notice.lon,location_id,location_ns,notice.repeat_of,notice.location' .
'notice.lat,notice.lon,location_id,location_ns,notice.repeat_of' .
' ORDER BY weight DESC';
$offset = 0;
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