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<!-- Copyright 2008-2010 StatusNet Inc. and contributors. -->
<!-- Document licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. See -->
<!-- http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ for details. -->
Install the %%site.name%% badge on your blog or web site to show the latest updates
from you and your friends!
<MTMarkdownOptions output='raw'>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://identi.ca/js/identica-badge.js">
"headerText":" and friends"
Things to try
* Click an avatar and the badge will refresh with that user's timeline
* Click a nickname to open a user's profile in your browser
* Click a notice's timestamp to view the notice in your browser
* @-replies and #tags are live links
## Installation instructions
Copy and paste the following JavaScript into an HTML page where
you want the badge to show up. Substitute your own ID in the user
&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot; src=&quot;http://identi.ca/js/identica-badge.js&quot;&gt;
&quot;headerText&quot;:&quot; and friends&quot;
Valid parameters for the badge:
* user : defaults to 7000 (@kentbrew)
* headerText : defaults to empty
* height : defaults to 350px
* width : defaults to 300px
* background : defaults to #193441. If you set evenBackground, oddBackground,
and headerBackground, you won't see it at all.
* border : defaults to 1px solid black
* userColor : defaults to whatever link color is set to on your page
* headerBackground : defaults to transparent
* headerColor : defaults to white
* evenBackground : defaults to #fff
* oddBackground : defaults to #eee
* thumbnailBorder : 1px solid black
* thumbnailSize : defaults to 24px
* padding : defaults to 3px
* server : defaults to identi.ca
Identi.ca badge by [Kent Brewster](http://kentbrewster.com/identica-badge/).
Licenced under [CC-BY-SA-3](http://kentbrewster.com/rights-and-permissions/).
......@@ -79,9 +79,6 @@ class SecondaryNav extends Menu
// TRANS: Secondary navigation menu item leading to e-mail contact information on the
// TRANS: StatusNet site, where to report bugs, ...
$this->out->menuItem(common_local_url('doc', array('title' => 'badge')),
// TRANS: Secondary navigation menu item. Leads to information about embedding a timeline widget.
Event::handle('EndSecondaryNav', array($this->action));
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