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Updated some PHP-related info in INSTALL

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......@@ -26,16 +26,12 @@ PHP modules
The following software packages are *required* for this software to
run correctly.
- PHP 5.5+ For newer versions, some functions that are used may be
disabled by default, such as the pcntl_* family. See the
section on 'Queues and daemons' for more information.
- MariaDB 5+ GNU Social uses, by default, a MariaDB server for data
storage. Versions 5.x and 10.x have both reportedly
worked well. It is also possible to run MySQL 5.5+.
- Web server Apache, lighttpd and nginx will all work. CGI mode is
recommended and also some variant of 'suexec' (or a
proper setup php-fpm pool)
NOTE: mod_rewrite or its equivalent is extremely useful.
- PHP 5.6+ PHP7.x is also supported.
- MariaDB 5+ MariaDB 10.x is also supported.
- Web server Apache, lighttpd and nginx will all work, see sample
configuration files in the web root. Please use PHP-FPM
and configure mod_rewrite (or equivalent) for an optimal
Your PHP installation must include the following PHP extensions for a
functional setup of GNU Social:
......@@ -49,22 +45,22 @@ functional setup of GNU Social:
- php5-mysqlnd The native driver for PHP5 MariaDB connections. If you
use MySQL, 'php5-mysql' or 'php5-mysqli' may be enough.
Or, for PHP7, some or all of these will be necessary. PHP7 support is still
experimental and not necessarily working:
Or, for PHP7, some or all of these will be necessary. PHP7 works and on
the development servers we are successful running PHP7.2. This is a good
list of PHP modules you will want installed with PHP7:
The above package names are for Debian based systems. In the case of
Arch Linux, PHP is compiled with support for most extensions but they
require manual enabling in the relevant php.ini file (mostly php5-gmp).
NOTE: In Arch Linux, at least PHP5 requires manual enabling in the
relevant php.ini for some modules, most notably 'gmp'.
Better performance
......@@ -74,19 +70,10 @@ For some functionality, you will also need the following extensions:
- opcache Improves performance a _lot_. Included in PHP, must be
enabled manually in php.ini for most distributions. Find
and set at least: opcache.enable=1
- mailparse Efficient parsing of email requires this extension.
Submission by email or SMS-over-email uses this.
- sphinx A client for the sphinx server, an alternative to MySQL
or Postgresql fulltext search. You will also need a
Sphinx server to serve the search queries.
- gettext For multiple languages. Default on many PHP installs;
will be emulated if not present.
- exif For thumbnails to be properly oriented.
You may also experience better performance from your site if you configure
a PHP cache/accelerator. Most distributions come with "opcache" support.
Enable it in your php.ini where it is documented together with its settings.
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