Commit de185a14 authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Fix stray newlines on a few messages (fixed on as well)

parent 5b49366f
...@@ -7348,13 +7348,13 @@ msgstr "%s不是有效的颜色!应使用3或6个十六进制字符。" ...@@ -7348,13 +7348,13 @@ msgstr "%s不是有效的颜色!应使用3或6个十六进制字符。"
#: scripts/restoreuser.php:82 #: scripts/restoreuser.php:82
#, php-format #, php-format
msgid "Backup file for user %s (%s)" msgid "Backup file for user %s (%s)"
msgstr "用户 %s (%s) 的备份文件\n" msgstr "用户 %s (%s) 的备份文件"
#: scripts/restoreuser.php:88 #: scripts/restoreuser.php:88
msgid "No user specified; using backup user." msgid "No user specified; using backup user."
msgstr "没有用户被指定;使用备份用户。\n" msgstr "没有用户被指定;使用备份用户。"
#: scripts/restoreuser.php:94 #: scripts/restoreuser.php:94
#, php-format #, php-format
msgid "%d entries in backup." msgid "%d entries in backup."
msgstr "备份中有 %d 个条目。\n" msgstr "备份中有 %d 个条目。"
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