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Commit ddef800e authored by Christopher Vollick's avatar Christopher Vollick

Update Avatar URL Did Weird Stuff.

It was only finding the first two avatars and then thinking it was done.

I'm not entirely sure why it was doing that.
I think maybe all the cloning made it forget where it was or something.

Either way, it seems to work now, and really uses less memory.
parent c74aea58
......@@ -94,11 +94,11 @@ function updateAvatars($user)
$orig = clone($avatar);
$orig_url = $avatar->url;
$avatar->url = Avatar::url($avatar->filename);
if ($avatar->url != $orig->url) {
if ($avatar->url != $orig_url) {
$sql =
"UPDATE avatar SET url = '" . $avatar->url . "' ".
"WHERE profile_id = " . $avatar->profile_id . " ".
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