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Commit dbc08ef0 authored by Brenda Wallace's avatar Brenda Wallace

most of code style errors gone


parent 93605dce
......@@ -516,8 +516,7 @@ STR;
global $dbModules;
$db = call_user_func($dbModules[$dbtype]['installer'],
$host, $database, $username, $password);
$db = call_user_func($dbModules[$dbtype]['installer'], $host, $database, $username, $password);
if (!$db) {
// database connection failed, do not move on to create config file.
......@@ -540,12 +539,10 @@ STR;
updateStatus("StatusNet has been installed at $link");
updateStatus("You can visit your <a href='$link'>new StatusNet site</a>.");
function pgsql_db_installer($host, $database, $username, $password) {
function Pgsql_Db_installer($host, $database, $username, $password)
$connstring = "dbname=$database host=$host user=$username";
//No password would mean trust authentication used.
......@@ -605,7 +602,8 @@ function pgsql_db_installer($host, $database, $username, $password) {
return $db;
function mysql_db_installer($host, $database, $username, $password) {
function Mysql_Db_installer($host, $database, $username, $password)
updateStatus("Starting installation...");
updateStatus("Checking database...");
......@@ -678,9 +676,10 @@ function writeConf($sitename, $server, $path, $fancy, $db)
* Install schema into the database
* @param filename $filename location of database schema file
* @param conn $conn connection to database
* @param type $type type of database, currently mysql or pgsql
* @param string $filename location of database schema file
* @param dbconn $conn connection to database
* @param string $type type of database, currently mysql or pgsql
* @return boolean - indicating success or failure
function runDbScript($filename, $conn, $type = 'mysql')
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