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Commit da5e6a60 authored by Zach Copley's avatar Zach Copley

When Twitter bridge encounters a 403 (rate limit) err, drop the notice

instead of requeuing.
parent 7aa43f3c
......@@ -269,19 +269,23 @@ function process_error($e, $flink, $notice)
common_log(LOG_WARNING, $logmsg);
if ($code == 401) {
switch($code) {
case 401:
// Probably a revoked or otherwise bad access token - nuke!
return true;
} else {
case 403:
// User has exceeder her rate limit -- toss the notice
return true;
// For every other case, it's probably some flakiness so try
// sending the notice again later (requeue).
return false;
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