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Commit d87b3f3d authored by Zach Copley's avatar Zach Copley

Add notice source for StatusNet Desktop

parent 9c7b6698
......@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ VALUES
('smob','SMOB','http://smob.sioc-project.org/', now()),
('socialoomphBfD4pMqz31', 'SocialOomph', 'http://www.socialoomph.com/', now()),
('spaz','Spaz','http://funkatron.com/spaz', now()),
('StatusNet Desktop', 'StatusNet Desktop', 'http://status.net/desktop', now()),
('tarpipe','tarpipe','http://tarpipe.com/', now()),
('tjunar','Tjunar','http://nederflash.nl/boek/titels/tjunar-air', now()),
('tr.im','tr.im','http://tr.im/', now()),
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