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Commit d71fbe9d authored by Robin Millette's avatar Robin Millette

fixed subscriptions dropdown action

parent f2f4e8c5
......@@ -134,9 +134,11 @@ class GalleryAction extends Action
$this->elementStart('li', array('id'=>'filter_tags_item'));
$this->elementStart('form', array('name' => 'bytag',
'id' => 'bytag',
'action' => common_path('?action=' . $this->trimmed('action')),
'method' => 'post'));
$this->dropdown('tag', _('Tag'), $content,
_('Choose a tag to narrow list'), false, $tag);
$this->hidden('nickname', $this->user->nickname);
$this->submit('submit', _('Go'));
......@@ -169,4 +171,4 @@ class GalleryAction extends Action
return array();
\ No newline at end of file
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