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Commit d704b3fa authored by Robin Millette's avatar Robin Millette

added filler/guide text to user timeline.

parent c79bad06
......@@ -329,12 +329,37 @@ class ShowstreamAction extends ProfileAction
function showEmptyListMessage()
$message = sprintf(_('This is the timeline for %s but %s hasn\'t posted anything yet.'), $this->user->nickname, $this->user->nickname) . ' ';
if (common_logged_in()) {
$current_user = common_current_user();
if ($this->user->id === $current_user->id) {
$message .= _('Seen anything interesting recently? You haven\'t posted any notices yet, now would be a good time to start :)');
} else {
$message .= sprintf(_('You can try to nudge %s or [post something to his or her attention](%%%%action.newnotice%%%%?status_textarea=%s).'), $this->user->nickname, '@' . $this->user->nickname);
else {
$message .= sprintf(_('Why not [register an account](%%%%action.register%%%%) and then nudge %s or post a notice to his or her attention.'), $this->user->nickname);
$this->element('br', array('clear' => 'both'));
$this->elementStart('div', 'guide');
function showNotices()
$notice = $this->user->getNotices(($this->page-1)*NOTICES_PER_PAGE, NOTICES_PER_PAGE + 1);
$pnl = new ProfileNoticeList($notice, $this);
$cnt = $pnl->show();
if (0 == $cnt) {
$this->pagination($this->page>1, $cnt>NOTICES_PER_PAGE, $this->page,
'showstream', array('nickname' => $this->user->nickname));
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