Commit d6ddb841 authored by Craig Andrews's avatar Craig Andrews

Add ChangePassword event

parent 1bace854
......@@ -483,3 +483,9 @@ CheckPassword: Check a username/password
AutoRegister: Register a new user with the given nickname. Should insert a new User and Profile into the database.
- $nickname: The nickname to register
ChangePassword: Handle a password change request
- $nickname: user's nickname
- $oldpassword: the user's old password
- $newpassword: the desired new password
- &$errormsg: set this to an error message if the password could not be changed. If the password was changed, leave this as false
......@@ -164,8 +164,13 @@ class PasswordsettingsAction extends AccountSettingsAction
$this->showForm(_('Incorrect old password'));
$oldpassword = null;
$errormsg = false;
if(! Event::handle('ChangePassword', array($user->nickname, $oldpassword, $newpassword, &$errormsg))){
//no handler changed the password, so change the password internally
$original = clone($user);
$user->password = common_munge_password($newpassword, $user->id);
......@@ -180,7 +185,11 @@ class PasswordsettingsAction extends AccountSettingsAction
$this->serverError(_('Can\'t save new password.'));
if($errormsg === false)
$this->showForm(_('Password saved.'), true);
......@@ -86,10 +86,20 @@ class LdapPlugin extends Plugin
//set the database saved password to a random string.
$user = User::register($registration_data);
//prevent other handlers from running, as we have registered the user
return false;
function onChangePassword($nickname,$oldpassword,$newpassword,&$errormsg)
//TODO implement this
$errormsg = _('Sorry, changing LDAP passwords is not supported at this time');
//return false, indicating that the event has been handled
return false;
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