Commit d4fc064e authored by mmn's avatar mmn

Include the Diaspora GUID string in our XRD metadata

parent 623a7eee
......@@ -43,6 +43,11 @@ class DiasporaPlugin extends Plugin
assert($magicsig->publicKey instanceof Crypt_RSA);
$xrd->links[] = new XML_XRD_Element_Link(self::REL_PUBLIC_KEY,
base64_encode($magicsig->exportPublicKey()), 'RSA');
// Instead of choosing a random string, we calculate our GUID from the public key
// by fingerprint through a sha256 hash.
$xrd->links[] = new XML_XRD_Element_Link(self::REL_GUID,
public function onPluginVersion(array &$versions)
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