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Commit d1ecedff authored by millette's avatar millette

nudge: better nudge email, better nudge disable language.

parent e369c5f7
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ class EmailsettingsAction extends SettingsAction {
_('Send me email when someone sends me a private message.'),
_('Send me an email when someone nudges me.'),
_('Allow friends to nudge me and send me an email.'),
_('I want to post notices by email.'),
......@@ -240,14 +240,14 @@ function mail_notify_nudge($from, $to) {
$from_profile = $from->getProfile();
$body = sprintf(_("%1\$s (%2\$s) is wondering what you are up to these days and is inviting you to post some news.\n\n".
"You can reply to their message here:\n\n".
"So let's hear from you :)\n\n".
"Don't reply to this email; it won't get to them.\n\n".
"With kind regards,\n".
common_local_url('newmessage', array('to' => $from->id)),
common_local_url('all', array('nickname' => $to->nickname)),
common_config('site', 'name'));
return mail_to_user($to, $subject, $body);
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