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0.9.4beta2 update some notes in README, note the fix from beta1

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......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@
StatusNet 0.9.3 ("Half a World Away")
29 June 2010
StatusNet 0.9.4beta2
11 August 2010
This is the README file for StatusNet, the Open Source microblogging
platform. It includes installation instructions, descriptions of
......@@ -77,27 +77,31 @@ for additional terms.
New this version
This is a minor bug and feature release since version 0.9.2 released on
4 May 2010.
This is a security, bug and feature release since version 0.9.3 released on
29 June 2010.
For best compatibility with client software and site federation, and a lot of
bug fixes, it is highly recommended that all public sites upgrade to the new
Changes from 0.9.4beta1:
- fix for daemon config switching on multi-site setup
Notable changes this version:
- Enhanced API output to aid StatusNet-specific clients
- OpenID and OAuth libraries patched for potential timing attack
- OStatus feed i/o updated for Activity Streams
- Correctness fixes on XRD, other discovery bits
- Support for contacting SNI-based SSL virtual hosts when SSL
certificate verification is enabled (requires PHP 5.3.2+ or
enabling CURL backend with $config['http']['curl'] = true)
- Experimental SubMirror plugin
- Multi-site status_network table mode has been tweaked to support
multiple tags better
- Many updates to user interface translation from TranslateWiki
- OStatus now works subscribing to SSL-protected sites by default
- OpenID now works on PHP 5.3, supports closer site integration.
- Numerous API and FOAF output fixes.
- Fixes to Facebook integration for FB API behavior changes
- PostgreSQL support updates
- Initial version of a custom theme uploader (disabled by default)
- LDAP auth plugins cleanup
- Many other bugfixes
A full changelog is available at http://status.net/wiki/StatusNet_0.9.3.
A full changelog is available at http://status.net/wiki/StatusNet_0.9.4.
......@@ -125,7 +129,6 @@ Your PHP installation must include the following PHP extensions:
- MySQL. For accessing the database.
- GD. For scaling down avatar images.
- mbstring. For handling Unicode (UTF-8) encoded strings.
- gettext. For multiple languages. Default on many PHP installs.
For some functionality, you will also need the following extensions:
......@@ -140,6 +143,8 @@ For some functionality, you will also need the following extensions:
Sphinx server to serve the search queries.
- bcmath or gmp. For Salmon signatures (part of OStatus). Needed
if you have OStatus configured.
- gettext. For multiple languages. Default on many PHP installs;
will be emulated if not present.
You will almost definitely get 2-3 times better performance from your
site if you install a PHP bytecode cache/accelerator. Some well-known
......@@ -209,7 +214,7 @@ especially if you've previously installed PHP/MySQL packages.
1. Unpack the tarball you downloaded on your Web server. Usually a
command like this will work:
tar zxf statusnet-0.9.2.tar.gz
tar zxf statusnet-0.9.4.tar.gz
...which will make a statusnet-0.9.2 subdirectory in your current
directory. (If you don't have shell access on your Web server, you
......@@ -219,7 +224,7 @@ especially if you've previously installed PHP/MySQL packages.
2. Move the tarball to a directory of your choosing in your Web root
directory. Usually something like this will work:
mv statusnet-0.9.2 /var/www/statusnet
mv statusnet-0.9.4 /var/www/statusnet
This will make your StatusNet instance available in the statusnet path of
your server, like "http://example.net/statusnet". "microblog" or
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ if (!defined('STATUSNET') && !defined('LACONICA')) { exit(1); }
//exit with 200 response, if this is checking fancy from the installer
if (isset($_REQUEST['p']) && $_REQUEST['p'] == 'check-fancy') { exit; }
define('STATUSNET_VERSION', '0.9.4beta1');
define('STATUSNET_VERSION', '0.9.4beta2');
define('LACONICA_VERSION', STATUSNET_VERSION); // compatibility
define('STATUSNET_CODENAME', 'Orange Crush');
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