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Commit d0b85d3a authored by Brenda Wallace's avatar Brenda Wallace

Upgrade script

parent f81dcbd5
create sequence design_seq;
create table design (
id bigint default nextval('design_seq') /* comment 'design ID'*/,
backgroundcolor integer /* comment 'main background color'*/ ,
contentcolor integer /*comment 'content area background color'*/ ,
sidebarcolor integer /*comment 'sidebar background color'*/ ,
textcolor integer /*comment 'text color'*/ ,
linkcolor integer /*comment 'link color'*/,
backgroundimage varchar(255) /*comment 'background image, if any'*/,
disposition int default 1 /*comment 'bit 1 = hide background image, bit 2 = display background image, bit 4 = tile background image'*/,
primary key (id)
alter table "user"
add column design_id integer references design(id);
alter table "user"
add column viewdesigns integer default 1;
alter table notice add column
conversation integer references notice (id);
create index notice_conversation_idx on notice(conversation);
alter table foreign_user
alter column id TYPE bigint;
alter table foreign_user alter column id set not null;
alter table foreign_link
alter column foreign_id TYPE bigint;
alter table user_group
add column design_id integer;
/*attachments and URLs stuff */
create sequence file_seq;
create table file (
id bigint default nextval('file_seq') primary key /* comment 'unique identifier' */,
url varchar(255) unique,
mimetype varchar(50),
size integer,
title varchar(255),
date integer,
protected integer,
filename text /* comment 'if a local file, name of the file' */,
modified timestamp default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP /* comment 'date this record was modified'*/
create sequence file_oembed_seq;
create table file_oembed (
file_id bigint default nextval('file_oembed_seq') primary key /* comment 'unique identifier' */,
version varchar(20),
type varchar(20),
provider varchar(50),
provider_url varchar(255),
width integer,
height integer,
html text,
title varchar(255),
author_name varchar(50),
author_url varchar(255),
url varchar(255)
create sequence file_redirection_seq;
create table file_redirection (
url varchar(255) primary key,
file_id bigint,
redirections integer,
httpcode integer
create sequence file_thumbnail_seq;
create table file_thumbnail (
file_id bigint primary key,
url varchar(255) unique,
width integer,
height integer
create sequence file_to_post_seq;
create table file_to_post (
file_id bigint,
post_id bigint,
primary key (file_id, post_id)
create table group_block (
group_id integer not null /* comment 'group profile is blocked from' */ references user_group (id),
blocked integer not null /* comment 'profile that is blocked' */references profile (id),
blocker integer not null /* comment 'user making the block'*/ references "user" (id),
modified timestamp /* comment 'date of blocking'*/ ,
primary key (group_id, blocked)
create table group_alias (
alias varchar(64) /* comment 'additional nickname for the group'*/ ,
group_id integer not null /* comment 'group profile is blocked from'*/ references user_group (id),
modified timestamp /* comment 'date alias was created'*/,
primary key (alias)
create index group_alias_group_id_idx on group_alias (group_id);
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