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Commit d0b2d86c authored by mattl's avatar mattl

background is not used, so removed from documentation

parent 9f961597
......@@ -610,23 +610,6 @@ handle: boolean. Whether we should register our own PHP session-handling
debug: whether to output debugging info for session storage. Can help
with weird session bugs, sometimes. Default false.
Users can upload backgrounds for their pages; this section defines
their use.
server: the server to use for background. Using a separate (even
virtual) server for this can speed up load times. Default is
null; same as site server.
dir: directory to write backgrounds too. Default is '/background/'
subdir of install dir.
path: path to backgrounds. Default is sub-path of install path; note
that you may need to change this if you change site-path too.
sslserver: SSL server to use when page is HTTPS-encrypted. If
unspecified, site ssl server and so on will be used.
sslpath: If sslserver if defined, path to use when page is HTTPS-encrypted.
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