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Commit ce5b4415 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

Get primary key for default value in Memcached_DataObject::staticGet()

parent 5e61ec5e
......@@ -34,11 +34,12 @@ class Memcached_DataObject extends Safe_DataObject
if (is_null($v)) {
$v = $k;
$i = new $cls;
$keys = $i->keys();
$keys = self::pkeyCols($cls);
if (count($keys) > 1) {
// FIXME: maybe call pkeyGet() ourselves?
throw new Exception('Use pkeyGet() for compound primary keys');
$k = $keys[0];
$i = Memcached_DataObject::getcached($cls, $k, $v);
if ($i === false) { // false == cache miss
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