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Commit cdd3c526 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Handle groups better in Ostatus_profile->updateAvatar

parent c8e0000c
......@@ -113,10 +113,13 @@ class Ostatus_profile extends Managed_DataObject
public function localGroup()
if ($this->group_id) {
return User_group::getKV('id', $this->group_id);
$group = User_group::getKV('id', $this->group_id);
if (!$group instanceof User_group) {
throw new NoSuchGroupException(array('id'=>$this->group_id));
return null;
return $group;
......@@ -1252,19 +1255,7 @@ class Ostatus_profile extends Managed_DataObject
throw new ServerException(sprintf(_m('Invalid avatar URL %s.'), $url));
if ($this->isGroup()) {
// FIXME: throw exception for localGroup
$self = $this->localGroup();
} else {
// this throws an exception already
$self = $this->localProfile();
if (!$self) {
throw new ServerException(sprintf(
// TRANS: Server exception. %s is a URI.
_m('Tried to update avatar for unsaved remote profile %s.'),
$self = $this->localProfile();
// @todo FIXME: This should be better encapsulated
// ripped from oauthstore.php (for old OMB client)
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