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Commit cce808b2 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

const'ifying bits and sigalg

Also we should move away from 1024 bit keys as soon as we can.
parent bf2f1c23
......@@ -38,6 +38,9 @@ class Magicsig extends Managed_DataObject
const PUBLICKEYREL = 'magic-public-key';
const DIASPORA_PUBLICKEYREL = 'diaspora-public-key';
const DEFAULT_KEYLEN = 1024;
public $__table = 'magicsig';
......@@ -77,7 +80,7 @@ class Magicsig extends Managed_DataObject
public $privateKey;
public function __construct($alg = 'RSA-SHA256')
public function __construct($alg=self::DEFAULT_SIGALG)
$this->alg = $alg;
......@@ -144,9 +147,12 @@ class Magicsig extends Managed_DataObject
* Warning: this can be very slow on systems without the GMP module.
* Runtimes of 20-30 seconds are not unheard-of.
* FIXME: More than 1024 bits please. But StatusNet _discards_ non-1024 bits,
* so we'll have to wait the last mohican out before switching defaults.
* @param User $user the local user (since we don't have remote private keys)
public static function generate(User $user, $bits=1024, $alg='RSA-SHA256')
public static function generate(User $user, $bits=self::DEFAULT_KEYLEN, $alg=self::DEFAULT_SIGALG)
$magicsig = new Magicsig($alg);
$magicsig->user_id = $user->id;
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