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Commit cc26c4cb authored by Chimo's avatar Chimo

Remove $config['design'] documentation

I believe those options are gone since
parent bb0faaea
......@@ -632,20 +632,6 @@ notify third-party servers of updates.
notify: an array of URLs for ping endpoints. Default is the empty
array (no notification).
Default design (colors and background) for the site. Actual appearance
depends on the theme. Null values mean to use the theme defaults.
backgroundcolor: Hex color of the site background.
contentcolor: Hex color of the content area background.
sidebarcolor: Hex color of the sidebar background.
textcolor: Hex color of all non-link text.
linkcolor: Hex color of all links.
backgroundimage: Image to use for the background.
disposition: Flags for whether or not to tile the background image.
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