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Commit c9a9a8bc authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Fulltext indexes are supported in InnoDB since MariaDB 10.0.15

parent fa44e0c0
......@@ -265,8 +265,6 @@ class MysqlSchema extends Schema
* @param array $def
* @return string;
* @fixme ENGINE may need to be set differently in some cases,
* such as to support fulltext index.
function endCreateTable($name, array $def)
......@@ -276,9 +274,11 @@ class MysqlSchema extends Schema
function preferredEngine($def)
/* MyISAM is no longer required for fulltext indexes, fortunately
if (!empty($def['fulltext indexes'])) {
return 'MyISAM';
return 'InnoDB';
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