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Commit c85e78ac authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Remove unnecessary require lines and definitions

ProfileNoticeList and ProfileNoticeListItem are in their own files now too
parent 7ddf586d
......@@ -28,15 +28,7 @@
* @link http://status.net/
if (!defined('STATUSNET') && !defined('LACONICA')) {
require_once INSTALLDIR.'/lib/personalgroupnav.php';
require_once INSTALLDIR.'/lib/noticelist.php';
require_once INSTALLDIR.'/lib/profileminilist.php';
require_once INSTALLDIR.'/lib/groupminilist.php';
require_once INSTALLDIR.'/lib/feedlist.php';
if (!defined('GNUSOCIAL')) { exit(1); }
* User profile page
......@@ -293,57 +285,3 @@ class ShowstreamAction extends ProfileAction
return $options;
// We don't show the author for a profile, since we already know who it is!
* Slightly modified from standard list; the author & avatar are hidden
* in CSS. We used to remove them here too, but as it turns out that
* confuses the inline reply code... and we hide them in CSS anyway
* since realtime updates come through in original form.
* Remaining customization right now is for the repeat marker, where
* it'll list who the original poster was instead of who did the repeat
* (since the repeater is you, and the repeatee isn't shown!)
* This will remain inconsistent if realtime updates come through,
* since those'll get rendered as a regular NoticeListItem.
class ProfileNoticeList extends NoticeList
function newListItem($notice)
return new ProfileNoticeListItem($notice, $this->out);
class ProfileNoticeListItem extends DoFollowListItem
* show a link to the author of repeat
* @return void
function showRepeat()
if (!empty($this->repeat)) {
// FIXME: this code is almost identical to default; need to refactor
$attrs = array('href' => $this->profile->profileurl,
'class' => 'url');
if (!empty($this->profile->fullname)) {
$attrs['title'] = $this->profile->getFancyName();
$this->out->elementStart('span', 'repeat');
$text_link = XMLStringer::estring('a', $attrs, $this->profile->nickname);
// TRANS: Link to the author of a repeated notice. %s is a linked nickname.
$this->out->raw(sprintf(_('Repeat of %s'), $text_link));
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