Commit c6ae883a authored by mmn's avatar mmn

Don't trust local HTML either

If we reallyreally want to include <img> or <script> or whatever then we
have to do that after Notice::saveActivity sets ->rendered.
parent a5c1b063
......@@ -848,13 +848,12 @@ class Notice extends Managed_DataObject
$stored->url = $url;
$stored->verb = $act->verb;
// Notice content. We trust local users to provide HTML we like, but of course not remote users.
// FIXME: What about local users importing feeds? Mirror functions must filter out bad HTML first...
$content = $act->content ?: $act->summary;
if (is_null($content) && !is_null($actobj)) {
$content = $actobj->content ?: $actobj->summary;
$stored->rendered = $actor->isLocal() ? $content : common_purify($content);
// Strip out any bad HTML
$stored->rendered = common_purify($content);
// yeah, just don't use getRendered() here since it's not inserted yet ;)
$stored->content = common_strip_html($stored->rendered);
if (trim($stored->content) === '') {
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